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Monday, October 17, 2005

I Love This Thing

I've just found this neat Complaint Letter Generator. It can generate barely coherant complaint letters about any subject:

Why does Merus blend together lexiphanicism and credentialism in a train wreck of monumental proportions? Anger? Fear? Stupidity? Some deep rabid urging of his soul? The answer cannot easily be found, but he's adept at spinning lies. Unless you share my view that part of the myth that he perpetuates is that our unalienable rights are merely privileges that he can dole out or retract, there's no need for you to hear me further. I cannot promise not to be angry at him. I do promise, however, to try to keep my anger under control, to keep it from leading me -- as it leads Merus -- to trade fundamental human rights for a cheap "guarantee" of safety and security.


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