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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Random Play

I've seen this mentioned more than a few times around, and now it's my turn. Pandora is a service that takes a song that you like, and makes suggestions on other songs you'd like based on an exhaustive examination of the, I guess you could call it genetics, of a particular song.

So, yeah, it's a gadget. Like all these services, it takes some time to get a king hit, and you need to coax it away from the death metal, but once you do it serves up songs you've never heard before but just really like.

I can see this being pretty damn useful in the future. It's a subscription service, US$36 a year. A bit out of my price range. But I'll be sure to look at it in the future.

Also, it turns out blogs have a ticket system for when you're allowed to mention things. Who knew?


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