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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Doin' Their Own Thing

(From Scribs. Click on the thumbnail for full-size stealing-other-people's-jokes!)

I am probably the only person who might possibly blog about this, but I've been watching Greg Galick's with interest pretty much from day 1.

Apparantly, Spinn has been around the Internets for a while. He's even friends with Lore Sjoberg. First time I met him, though, was while playing Puzzle Pirates - he'd built a, well, let's call it a megaguild for the time being, basically on the idea of having some fun. His events (yeah, the players actually run events in that game. Suck it, WoW) were almost always creative, and he was just an entertaining guy in general. So I kept an eye on what he was doing.

He's done a fair few things in the past - apparantly his "What Kind of Quiztaker Are You?" gag was somewhat widespread - and he's never been shy tabout taking things and running with them.

Scribs is a good example - it's deliberately minimist. The idea is for it to be quick to do so an idea can go from head to image file in a minimum of time, and the website reflects that. And yet, it's a conscious choice - most of his promotional comics are unique, Spinn being a man who knows where the line between minimalist and lazy is. And he's been quick to use it as a parody - Scribs reached about the 30s, I think it was, on one of the comics lists before Spinn took the box away in disgust when it started passing comics he thought were better, and he's placed advertising for the comic, again because it was funny to advertise such a piece of shit.

It's deceptive. The comic's sharply written and plays off the artwork, the point of the comic being that the characters are probably going to be perpetual third-tier webcomics characters no matter what they do, so they might as well make themselves comfortable where they are. The Spinnwebe tradition of interactivity returns in a hugely entertaining letters section. There's all of the trappings of a 'real' webcomic, injokes and plot and character development when it's just these two scribbles where one has hair or fire or shit I dunno.

The thing it reminds me of most is Checkerboard Nightmare, without the pretension and the pressure to be 'satirical'. In a way, the whole 'bein' lazy (without being lazy about it)' is probably an added layer Kris Straub didn't want to go to. Scribs is just goofy. It's good stuff.


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